Design Thinking Pocket Guide: 2nd Edition

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Creative Thinking, CRT101, CRT 101, Reference 
One of the the most complete guide to Design Thinking methods and process available. If you want even more information about Design Thinking purchase our Design Thinking Process and Methods Guide 3rd Edition 700 pages. 229 pages crammed with all you need to know to start applying Design Thinking as practiced by some of the world's leading brands and designers. Step-by-step descriptions of dozens of core Design Thinking methods. Detailed step-by-step description of the Design Thinking process. Dozens of templates and exercises and charts. Full color Extensively edited and expanded from 1st edition. From an author who has decades of high-level international experience in design practice and teaching, author of one of the world's best-selling titles on Design Thinking: Design Thinking Process and Methods Manual who has taught Design Thinking for 5 years to thousands of students. For designers of all types, architects, managers, marketing professionals, engineers teachers, students and everyone interested in Design Thinking. There has been a rapidly growing interest in Design Thinking. Recently large corporations including Pepsi and IBM announced major initiatives to train their staff and adopt Design Thinking. Design Thinking is an approach to designing products, services, architecture, spaces, and experiences as well as complex systems of these things that is being quickly adopted by designers. The list of world’s leading brands that are using it has grown considerably from the time of the publication of the 1st Edition and now includes such as GE, IBM, Pepsico, Target, Deloitte Innovation, SAP, Singapore And Australian Governments, Procter And Gamble, Whirlpool, Bayer, BMW, DHL, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Philips Electronics, Infosys, AirBnB, Autodesk, Bank Of America, Mayo Clinic, Steelcase, Black & Decker, Mattel, Microsoft, Miele, Airbus, Panasonic, Shell Innovation Research, Glaxosmithkline, Nike, Cisco, Jetblue, Kaiser Permanent, Unilever, Electrolux Arup, IDEO and Intuit. It is being taught at leading universities including Stanford, Yale and Harvard. Design Thinking creates practical and innovative solutions to problems. It drives repeatable innovation and business value. Design Thinking can be used to develop a wide range of products, services, experiences as well as design and business strategy. It is an approach that can be applied by anyone. Design Thinking can also be fun. I hope that you will find this third book useful. - from Amzon 
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